F 394

Original Number: F 394
TMS Number: F 285
Builder: NZR, Petone Workshops 
Year Built: 1913
Entered Service: September 1913
Withdrawn from Service: 1978
Length over Headstocks: 50 feet (15.2 metres)
Carbody Width: 7 feet 5 itches (2.2 metres)
Weight: 17ton 3cwt (17.5 tonnes)
Current Status: In Service
F394 ArthursPass 24Sept2008
F 394, Glenbrook – D. J. Maciulaitis photo

Guards Van History: 
Built at Petone Railway Workshops, Wellington in 1913 and is one of 37 built between 1909 and 1926. The guards van could carry up to 10 tons of freight, and luggage as well as providing accommodation for the guard at the rear of the train.

F 394 was allocated to the Auckland district and had 4274 type bogies fitted. At some point in NZR service the 4274’s were removed and newer type25140 bogies with SKF roller bearing axle boxes were fitted.

A modification done to F 394 is the fitting of pressed steel guards lookouts, these would have originally been wooden and to a different design. See Af 804, Tainui, to see how the originals would have looked.

During 1978 as part of the Traffic Monitoring System identification F 394 was renumbered as F 285.

In 1978, it was written off at The Strand, Auckland.

Preservation:F 394 was withdrawn from service and acquired by the Glanbrook Vintage Railway. It was placed into storage but in 2008 with the upcoming Parliamentary Special being re-enacted it was overhauled and took part in this event which marked the centennial of the first through train on the North Island Main Trunk between Wellington and Auckland in August 1908.

In 2008, the guards van along with 5 passenger carriages, from other mainline operators, were painted into a rendition of Pullman Green and were hauled by a number of notable locomotives on there-enacted journey from Wellington to Auckland including two of the original locomotives which helped build the North Island Main Truck.

The guards van later on in 2008 was leased to Steam Incorporated, near Wellington and used extensively throughout the South Island on a tour train.

Mainline registration has been kept on this useful vehicle and it has run on a number of trips run in conjunction with Mainline Steam and the Railway Enthusiasts Society
09 636 9361 (Weekdays - 9am to 12pm)
09 236 3546 (operating days)

Glenbrook Station Road
New Zealand
Enquire now Postal Address
PO Box 13684
Auckland 1643
New Zealand