AA 1258

Original Number: AA 1258
TMS Number: A 4064
Builder: NZR - Petone
Year Built: 1912
Entered Service: August 1912
Withdrawn from Service: October 1976
Length over Headstocks: 50 feet (15.2 metres)
Carbody Width: 8 feet 9 inches (2.7 metres)
Weight: 20 ton 9cwt (20.7 tonnes)
Current Status: In Service
Aa1258 Pukeoware 29Sept2010(500)

Carriage History:

Built at the Petone Workshops, Wellington as a single compartment second class 'Main Trunk' carriage seating 44 passengers, with an end lavatory, without steam heating. It weighed in at 19ton 8cwt.

During April 1913 AA 1258 was fitted with steam heating equipment, this was removed at Otahuhu workshops, Auckland in August 1965.

As built AA 1258 was allocated to Wellington. In May 1935 was transferred to Auckland.
In 1920 AA 1258 was one of 5 Aa cars and a van refurbished for use on the Royal Train. On the 21 April 1920 a trial run was made from Lambton, Wellington to Cross Creek to check tunnel clearances. It was noted that through 3 tunnels speed restrictions would be imposed.

In December 1948 AA 1258 was altered to a Otahuhu workshops, Auckland to a second class suburban carriage, with seating available for 51 passengers.
During 1975 AA 1258 was withdrawn from service and was offered to the RES in October 1976.


In October 1976 AA 1258 was offered to the Railway Enthusiast Society. It has been fully refurbished to mainline standards to allow it to travel on the KiwiRail network.

The Traffic Monitoring System number or TMS was added in preservation.

All carriages in the RES fleet are in Ways and Works yellow with brown trim.

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