C 472

Original Number: C 472
Builder: The Railway Carriage Co, England
Year Built: 1879
Entered Service: October 1880
Withdrawn from Service: 4 October 1933
Length over Headstocks: 31 feet (9.45 metres)
Carbody Width: 7 feet 2 inches (215 metres)
Weight: 7 ton 8cwt (7.52 tonnes)
Current Status: In Service
C472 Glenbrook 22Jan2012(500)
-D.J. Maciulaitis - photo

Carriage History:

Built by the Railway Carriage Co, Oldbury Works, Birmingham England in 1879. One of thirty carriages from 
the 1879-1881 order. The carriage arrived in Auckland and was possibly numbered 16, it was renumbered in 
April 1882 as C 126. This was part of the then sectional numbering in use at the time. In 1890 there was a 
nationwide renumbering of the railways fleet and the carriage became C 472. 

C 472 was built as a second class car with longitudinal seating for 32 passenger's. It was used in the Auckland 
area until November 1893 when it was transferred for use in Northland. During March 1920 it was 
converted to a composite car with first and second class seating, at the same time a toilet was fitted. 
C 472 was written off on 4 October 1933 at Dargaville, it was subsequently sold to the XYZ sports club at 
Donnelly's Crossing. 


In 1989 it was donated by the XYZ club to the Glenbrook Vintage Railway. Restoration started in 19XX, and a 
replacement chassis was acquired from the Canterbury Railway Society, Christchurch for use under C 472. 
During the overhaul roller bearings and solid wheel sets were fitted. It was fully restored and it entered 
service on the GVR in 1997. C 472 is the only operational 6-wheel carriage in preservation.
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