The Glenbrook Vintage Railway is very proud to be able to own and operate a number of historic and valuable heritage locomotives, both steam and diesel, from the smallest locomotive, a 3 ton diesel shunter, to the large 110 ton Ja 1250 steam locomotive (named "Diana"). The GVR has overhauled and restored a number of its own locomotives including W480, W644, Ja 1250, & ex-Taupo Totara Timber Co. Mallet loco No. 4. The Railway has also been contracted to restore other visiting steam locomotives such as Mainline Steam Trust's KA 942 & J 1211, and the Silver Stream Railway’s C 847.
150860(copy) Ww 480

GVR Number : No.1
Built: 1910
Wheel Arrangement: 4-6-4T
Total Weight: 52 tons
Tractive Effort: 16,910 lbs

Current Condition: operational
1014(copy) WW 644

GVR Number : No.2
Built: 1915
Wheel Arrangement: 4-6-4T
Total Weight: 52 tons
Tractive Effort: 16,910 lbs

Current Condition: Under overhaul - boiler replacement
11111s JA 1250 Diana

Bequeathed by Phil Goldman
Built: 1949
Wheel Arrangement: 4-8-2
Total Weight: 110 tons
Tractive Effort: 24,960 lbs

Current Condition: Under overhaul
1002s F 233

GVR Number : No.6
Built: 1885
Wheel Arrangement: 0-6-0ST
Total Weight: 19.5 tons
Tractive Effort: 5,733 lbs

Current Condition: Stored
11113s Taupo Totara Timber Company No. 7

GVR Number : No.4
Built: 1907
Wheel Arrangement: 2-4-4-2
Total Weight: 47 tons
Tractive Effort: 10,500 lbs

Current Condition: Stored
1011s WAB 800

Stored at the GVR, Owned by: NZRLS (Waikato Branch)
Built: 1927
Wheel Arrangement: 4-6-4T
Total Weight: 72 tons
Tractive Effort: 22,260 lbs

Current Condition: Stored
11112s A 423

Stored at the GVR, Owned by: Jowett Brothers
Built: 1909
Wheel Arrangement: 4-6-2
Total Weight: 76 tons
Tractive Effort: 17,960 lbs

Current Condition: Stored

1013s No. 3

  GVR Number: No. 3
Built: In 1954, at Ruston & Hornsby in England.
Wheel Arrangement: 0-4-0
Power Rating (HP): 30
Total Weight (tons): 3

Current Condition: Operational
1001s DE 507

GVR Number : No.8
Built: 1951, at the English Electric Company Ltd in England.
Wheel Arrangement: Bo-Bo
Total Weight: 52 tons
Power Rating: 660HP @ 750 rpm or 490 KW

Current Condition: Operational
1009s DSA 243

GVR Number : No.10
Built: 1956, at the W.G. Bagnall LTD in Stafford, England
Wheel Arrangement: 0-6-0
Total Weight: 30 tons
Power Rating: 204HP or 150 KW

Current Condition: Operational
  DS 207

GVR Number: No. 7
Built: In 1949, at the Vulcan Foundry & supplied by the Drewry Car Co. England.
Wheel Arrangement: 0-6-0
Total Weight (tons): 25
Power Rating (HP): 204

Current Condition: Under a Major Rebuild Program
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