The genesis of the Glenbrook Vintage Railway begins with the construction of the Paerata - Waiuku branch line by the NZ Government Railways, which began in 1914, and the subsequent involvement of the Railway Enthusiasts Society Inc. (RES).

On the closure of the Waiuku branchline in 1968, the RES, which was established in 1954,studied the feasibility of acquiring the section of track from Glenbrook to Waiuku to fulfil the vision of operating their own steam heritage railway.

The RES subsequently executed a Deed of Trust to establish The Glenbrook Vintage Railway Charitable Trust Board, the body charged with developing that vision, and the Society also provided the initial seeding capital and volunteer labour required.

The GVR therefore began as an RES project, and the Society continues to this day to fund and resource the railway on an as-required basis. The facilities offered to the public today are a tribute to all those unpaid volunteers past and present whose dedicated efforts have made that dream possible.

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3. The Glenbrook Vintage Railway Charitable Trust
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