The 'Yellow' National Network fleet

The Glenbrook Vintage Railway owns a fleet of carriages, known as the "heritage main line fleet", formerly owned by the parent body (Railway Enthusiasts Society) and leased to the Railway. The fleet has undergone an overhaul and re-certification with KiwiRail. Excursions have seen them tour all around New Zealand, including to Gisborne, New Plymouth, Whakatane, Bay of Islands, Wellington, Christchurch, Arthur's Pass and Timaru.

Turned out in the original (1970's) Glenbrook Vintage Railway livery of yellow bodies, white ceilings and chocolate lining, the fleet consists of the following vehicles:

Four wooden-bodied carriages built in the early 20th century for the (then) newly opened North Island Main Trunk express services, before being relocated onto Auckland commuter train services post war through to retirement in the early 1970s. These carriages are fully certified for operations on the KiwiRail network, and the original "drop toilets" will be upgraded in due course with chemical retention holding tanks:
  • AA 1134, 
  • AA 1233, 
  • AA 1258,
  • AA 1494,
Complementing these are three steel-bodied carriages built during World War II to replace the original North Island Main Trunk express service carriages, and later allocated to Auckland commuter trains from the 1970s to retirement in 1994:
  • A 1948 (TMS A56496), 
  • A 1926 (TMS AL56112), 
  • A 1991 (TMS AL56037),

        FM 1133    An ex-NZR steel guards van, converted for use as a support vehicle for main line use. Currently                               under refurbishment.
        F 394         An ex-NZR wooden guards van, currently on hire to Steam Incorporated
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