AF 804 - Tainui

Original Number: AF 804
Builder: NZR, Newmarket Workshops
Year Built: 1903
Entered Service: November 1903
Withdrawn from Service: June 1970
Length over Headstocks: 47 feet 6 inches (14.5 metres)
Carbody Width: 7 feet 10 inches (2.4 metres)
Weight: 16ton 3cwt (16.5 tonnes)
Current Status: In Service
Af804 Pukeoware 21Nov2010(500)
-D.J. Maciulaitis - photo

Carriage History: 

Built at Newmarket Railway Workshops, Auckland in 1903 as a 54 seat, second class carriage.

In 1943 A 804 was converted to a carvan at the Otahuhu worksops, Auckland and then sent to the Wanganui area for use. In 1965 AF 804 returned to the Auckland area and finally withdrawn from service in June 1970. AF 804 was brought by the Railway Enthusiast Society for use on their new Glenbrook Vintage Railway and was restored alongside locomotive WW 480 in the old Papakura loco shed.

Upon completion AF 804 was named Tainui after one of the great canoes which brought the Maori people from Hawaiki, and painted in the then standard GVR livery of Ways and Works yellow with brown trim. AF 804 has since ben repainted into a more traditional red, with yellow trim.

Carvans are a composite of carriage and guards compartment and were used on mixed goods trains and on lightly trafficed lines.
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