A 543 - Manakura

Original Number: A 543
Other Number: Ea 2853
Builder: NZR,Hillside workhops
Year Built: 1896
Entered Service: November 1896
Withdrawn from Service: December 1954
Length over Headstocks: 43 feet, 6 inches (13.34 metres)
Carbody Width: 7 feet 6 inches (2.29 metres)
Weight: 13ton 12cwt (13.82 tonnes)
Current Status: Stored awaiting overhaul
A543 Pukeoware 23April2011(500)
-D.J. Maciulaitis - photo

Carriage History: 

A 543 was built at the NZR's Hillside, Dunedin workshops in 1896 and entered service in November 1896 as 
a two compartment second class 48 seat car, this car didn't receive a lavatory. 

The roof type on this carriage is known as either a clerestory (pronounced clear story) or elevated roof, 
they are designed to give more light and ventilation to the carriage. 

Westinghouse air brakes were fitted in March 1904. Cushions were fitted in February 1904 in Dunedin. 
From information available A 543 was a Dunedin carriage for all it's passenger carrying life, ending up as a 
school carriage on suburban trains being written off at Addington, Christchurch in December 1954. 

But the story doesn't end there, A 543 was taken over by the Signals Branch of the NZR and rebuilt as their 
dining and kitchen carriage, becoming Ea 2853. This formed part of their train set that travelled all over the 
South Island rail network. It was in this guise that members of the Railway Enthusiast Society fondly 
remember the carriage and when it was written off in 1975 it was purchased for use on the Glenbrook 
Vintage Railway. It was duly railed from the South Island to Auckland. 
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