F 233

F Class Locomotive

Wheel Arrangement:
Boiler Pressure:
Total Weight:
Tractive Effort:
Adhesive weight:
Water tank capacity:
Coal bunker capacity:
Driving Wheel Diameter
Years F's Built:
Cylinder Stroke:
Cylinder Bore:
Fire Grate area:
Water heating surface

160 psi
19.2 tons
5,655 lbs
19.2 tons
350 gallons
1 ton
9.5 sq.ft
486 sq.ft
  F 233

Builders #:
Entered NZR Service:
Withdrawn from NZR:
Auckland Farmers Freezing Co. LTD

April 1936


F 233 was built by Stephenson and Company, at Newcastle-on-Tyne in 1885 as the first of a batch of nine ordered by the New Zealand Government for the Railway Department and the Cape Foulwind Railway. It carried the marker’s serial number 2593 and was send to Napier where it entered service in 9th of August 1886 carrying Napier Section number ‘F’ 50; in the 1890 renumbering it received the number 233. In its early days this locomotive saw service on the Hawkes Bay main line that was then being extended south-wards towards Woodville but as bigger classes became available it was demoted to the Ahururi Branch and to shunting duties at Napier.
Early in 1922,233 was sent south to Wellington and in August of that year it was reboilered at the old Petone Workshops. The old boiler, which had carried 130lbs. pressure at various stages, was sold to Ogilvies on the West Coast – the new boiler carried 160lbs. pressure.
For the rest of the 1920’s 233 worked around the Wellington area but in 1930 It was transferred to Wanganui where it remained for the next six years until it was sold to the Southdown freezing works.
 F 233 was one of the last major batches of the F class built of the Railway’s Department and, as the class goes it is a relative new comer. It has acquired over the years a number of detail alterations that depart from the classic ‘F’ outline; for example the original curved tanks have been rebuilt with straight sides instead of the classic curves.
On 7th July the Southdown freezing works donated the locomotive to the Railway Enthusiasts Society and shortly after the society built a special shed to house the locomotive which is now on static display at the Society’s Clubrooms and Museum in Alfred Street, Onehunga, Auckland.

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