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How are the Railway Enthusiasts Society and the Glenbrook Vintage Railway Connected?

The Railway Enthusiasts Society (RES) was registered under the Incorporated Societies Act in 1958 and it manages the Glenbrook Vintage Railway by means of a Charitable Trust whose Deed of Trust was executed in 1970. The Deed provides for three Trustees, the Chairman being the RES president ( or their nominee) an RES committee Trustee nominated by the elected committee and an RES members Trustee elected by the members. Prior to the execution of the Trust Deed the GVR project was administered by a Board consisting of the then RES president, one elected by the RES committee and a third elected by the members.

Where do the trains go and how long does the trip take?

Ticketing facilities are available at Glenbrook station, and the 7.5 km long railway terminates at Victoria Avenue, Waiuku. The return journey Glenbrook - Victoria Avenue - Glenbrook, takes 65 minutes and includes a 15 minute stop at Pukeoware to visit the Railway workshops
Passengers may also board at Victoria Avenue for their return journey Victoria Avenue - Glenbrook - Victoria Avenue, but must purchase their tickets on arrival at Glenbrook.

How does a steam locomotive work?

Our locomotive crews are always happy to answer questions about their locomotive and how it works.

Are refreshments available?

Food, including pies, sandwiches, cakes, confectionery, ice cream, coffee, tea and soft drinks are available for purchase at Glenbrook Station and may be taken on board the train if required.

Are seats on the train reserved?

 No. Normally plenty of seating will be available.

Can I bring a pet on the train?

Pets on a leash or under control, including guide dogs, are welcome and travel free.

Is the train wheelchair-accessible?

Yes. Our stations, toilets and train are all wheelchair-accessible We have ramps for the train, to ease boarding if necessary. Please don't hesitate to seek the assistance of our station or train staff. 

Can I Move about the train? 

Yes. Passengers are welcome to move from car to car. However, care must be exercised when moving between cars, and all children must be accompanied by an adult. No standing is permitted on the gangways between carriages.

Is there an open carriage on the train? 

Yes. Most of our trains will have our open car in the consist. (We reserve the right to not use the car 
due to mechanical or other reasons without notice).

How do I volunteer to work?

We welcome all volunteers, and it is easy to join us. If you would like to join our team please go here.

Who owns and operates the GVR?

The Glenbrook Vintage Railway is a project of the Railway Enthusiasts Society (RES). Members provided the first work party, which commenced trackwork restoration in 1970. All staff engaged in operating the railway are RES members and are unpaid volunteers. Any surpluses after expenses are retained by the Railway for on-going improvements and further development.

Can I take a fold-up pram or pushchair on the trains?

Yes. However, they must be stored in the guards van. (Our staff will show you). Due to the narrow doorways, they are not permitted to be taken into the regular carriages. If you prefer, they may also be left with the Glenbrook station staff while you take your ride.

How many volunteers work at the GVR on a normal operating day?

On any given operating day (with the exception of special events), between 12 and 20 volunteers may be involved with the Operations and Commercial side, although there will often be other volunteers working onsite, such as at our workshops. 

How much are the fares?

Train and Jigger fares are available 

What other attractions are there in the area?

Some of other local attractions are here.

Do you have a turntable?

Yes. Normally the "loops" (locomotive run-around tracks) at each end of the line are used, to allow the locomotive to run around the train and connect to the other end. However, when the turntable is commissioned (expected in 2015), on most trips our locomotive will be turned for demonstration purposes on the turntable located at Glenbrook, and the public will be invited to watch this fascinating operation.

How do I contact you?

Phone:                  0508 123 487  24 hours, 7 days for recorded information, 10am to 3.00pm 7 days for personal assistance.
                              09 236 3546 on Operating Days

email:                    gvr@railfan.org.nz

Postal address:     PO Box  13 684 Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand

Physical Address: 24 Farm Park Rd. (off Glenbrook Station Rd.), Glenbrook, Franklin, Auckland, NZ

How do I get to the GVR?

The GVR is located in rural South Auckland, near Waiuku. Click here to go to our directions page.

How many of the staff are volunteers?

All GVR staff, including station staff, drivers, firemen, and others carrying out catering, maintenance and restoration on the Railway, are unpaid volunteers, as are members of the RES commitee and GVR Trustees.

Do I need permission to take photos or videos?

You may take photographs/videos for private use at any of the public areas (level crossings, bridges, public roads), at the stations, at the workshop stop or on the train. To take photos/videos alongside the track on GVR property, permission from the Stationmaster and Train Controller is required. Commercial photography or specialised filming for profit must be arranged with our charter manager. At our discretion, minor commercial filming or photography may be arranged on the day of your visit, but permission must be gained from the Stationmaster and Train Controller at Glenbrook Station. Commercial filming usually requires some financial return, or benefit, to GVR.

Can trains be chartered for weddings, group visits and special occasions?

Yes. More information on various options is available here

Is the Railway a Museum?

The Glenbrook Vintage Railway is foremost a self-supporting fully operational tourist railway, keeping alive New Zealand's unique railway heritage. However, the RES headquarters located in the historic 1873 former Onehunga Railway Station located at 38 Alfred St, Onehunga, Auckland, has an extensive museum collection of railway artefacts and a comprehensive railway library. Volunteers man the office Monday through Friday between 9.00am- 12 noon and are available to sell excursion tickets or various railway publications. 



PHONE:  09 636 9361 (Weekdays - 9am to 12pm)
                09 236 3546 (operating days)
Email: gvr@gvr.co.nz

Postal Address: PO Box 13684, Onehunga, Auckland, 1643

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